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How to Shop for a Moving Company

So you're moving soon?

Moving isn't generally a frequent purchase decision, so when it comes time to decide on who to use, there are several things you should consider. In this guide, we give a quick tutorial on how to shop for a moving company. We know that choosing the right mover can be hard! So, what should you know before choosing one? We've outlined 10 steps to help you choose a mover that's right for you.

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10 Steps to choosing a mover that's right for you:

  1. Check the mover's identity

    Do they have a Pro Mover number? what about their motor carrier number? Do the address and phone number match with local listings? Checking these items can help you avoid a potential scam.

  2. Get an In-Home Estimate

    Buying moving services isn't like buying from your local grocery store, it is more complex and thus requires a qualified representative to physically see your items, which they use to calculate the amount of time and resources required to move your home. You can imagine that moving a studio apartment, loosely furnished is quite different than moving a 4 bedroom house! It requires different amounts of time and resources. Planning for the right resources allows the mover to save you time and money.

  3. Check the Better Business Bureau

    Often, the BBB will have information on companies that have scammed customers in the past. It is wise to avoid these companies, no matter how tempting the price.

  4. Know Your Rights

    Every moving company should have a concise list of rights and responsibilities to help their customers make the best decisions and keep cost and time low. Knowing about these before you move is a key way to know how to do just that. Make sure to ask for this from every moving company.

  5. Ask about Extra Care Protection

    Do you have items that need extra care? Make sure you ask your moving company about extra protection. While it will be their job to treat every item with the care it deserves, knowing about items that need extra protection enables the moving company to plan for any additional resources that may be needed to accommodate the item or items - outside of what is normally planned.

  6. Avoid Large Down Payments

    This is normally a sign that a moving company is either not confident that your products will make it to destination, or they are planning on holding your shipment hostage. Either way, this is a practice to avoid. Professional Moving companies will require a down payment in most cases, but it should be a modest amount.

  7. Get it Documented

    Whether in writing or in email, never agree to your move or any part of it without written evidence. This is a good practice for any contract of service, but in moving, it just helps to keep communication clear in the event that anything unplanned arises.

  8. Take your Valuables With You

    Professional Movers are always careful to avoid damage or lost items in transit, but taking your valuables with you is a great way to keep peace of mind and ensure that those items never leave your possession. If you can't, or prefer not to, we're happy to accommodate your needs, but we prefer that you move be as stress-free as possible

  9. Always be reachable by phone

    Communication is an important life skill in any facet of life, but especially in moving! With so many variables in play and so many people working on your behalf, it's entirely possible that one of them might have a question for you at any given time. Your coordinator will help address any of those questions, but when ever in doubt, the best source is you! Being reachable by phone helps make sure that no time is lost waiting for answers and that will ultimately keep costs low for you and the mover.

  10. Ask Questions!

    One of the most important items in a successful move is a customer with all questions answered. If you know exactly what the moving company will do and when, then it's easy to execute to plan. So if you have a question, a doubt or a concern, ask it!