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Moving services provided for Bountiful Utah are serviced from our Salt Lake City, Utah Office. If you need location details such as contact information or directions, get location details below. If you have any questions about moving or need help in any way, chat with us online!

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On the 27th day of September, 1847, Perrigrine Sessions, with his family, moved about nine miles north of the newly established Mormon settlement of Salt Lake City and camped. He had traveled beyond the Hot Springs to find feed for his flocks and herds. Here he constructed a dugout with skins for a roof and wintered, he and his family being the sole occupants of the place until the spring of 1848. This dugout was located at approximately 250 North and 280 West. He was thus the founder of Utah's second settlement and the first white man to make a home in what we now know as Davis County.

During the many years since it was organized, the City has met every obligation imposed upon it. Its officials have been wide awake and forward looking; they have been honest and painstaking and there has never been a hint of graft or incompetence. It has been an honor to serve the people, and pay has been no consideration.

People have finally discovered that, for a dwelling place - an ideal spot in which to rear a family - it has few equals and is surpassed by none. The result has been homes by the hundreds in the last fifteen years, modern homes that please the eye and satisfy the desire for comfort. One is safe in prophesying that, shortly, family dwellings will be built to the topmost lake terrace, where contented inhabitants will gaze down upon the City of Bountiful and the shimmering salt sea as the setting sun gilds the sky and the mountains with gold and exclaim, "Here at last is paradise on earth!


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Bailey's Moving & Storage is one of Utah's most reliable local and intrastate moving companies. Since opening our business in Utah in 1952 we have grown to serve the local moving needs of residents moving in and around Bountiful Utah, and throughout the region of Salt Lake City. Bailey's Moving & Storage provides our customers with trusted moving experience, resources and moving services. We handle any local moving job in-house so your possessions are never unsafe or in jeopardy.

Bailey's Moving & Storage provides quality moving services to all our customers. We help you create a moving day plan to ensure every detail is accounted for, and then when our movers and drivers arrive they are ready to go to work to minimize the time between locations. Regardless of your destination or special moving day needs, our team of professional movers, safely and securely box your possessions when needed as well as carefully load everything onto our trucks so they are secured properly for the move. For household, residential and business moves in Bountiful Utah, or the local area there is no one better choice for local movers than Bailey's Moving & Storage..

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