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Looking to move your office building or industrial facility? Our movers are trained to deal with the special complexity of transferring office equipment from place to place. Our trained team will customize the service to your exact needs to make sure you have everything in place and ready to go by Monday morning.

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The difference that counts

There are many office movers that are capable of getting household goods from point A to B these days, but are all of these companies ready to handle the intricacies of commercial moving? The answer is "No".

It takes a different myriad of experience, and a different skill set to relocate commercial offices. There is more planning, more budgeting, more specialized techniques and more expertise required. That's why we have crews of office movers, managers and an expert sales team dedicated to this business. Just as you wouldn't want your local paperboy delivering your high value electronics, we know that your commercial relocation deserves a highly-skilled, expert team of professional commercial movers who understand the unique challenges of commercial relocation.

Your Guide from Start to Finish

We've been in business since 1952, and have moved thousands of offices and commercial settings, which has given us the ability to be recognized experts in our field. Throughout all of this time, our commercial movers have been able to help companies successfully make this difficult transition become by helping them navigate all different stages of the moving process.

There's a lot involved, and we can help! With our network of references, we can be sure to help you find the way to dispose of old furniture, or run new cable through the office, or even install computer or server hardware. Whatever your needs, we can be your guides to help you in your relocation from start to finish.

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Here at Bailey's Moving and Storage, we take pride in knowing that we are the best commercial movers. We serve your relocation needs in whatever form they take. For our commercial customers, this need often centers on moving offices, or industrial spaces. In any facet, our teams are ready to take the challenge head-on and complete your project with three goals in mind:

  1. On-Time
  2. Within Budget
  3. No Damage

We know that each of these three goals is central to your commercial moving needs. With our vast experience and large, trained crew, we're confident that our team can complete your project with each of these three goals met or exceeded.