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Preparing for a Long-Distance Move

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Moving Long Distance in Utah or Colorado

So you're looking to move long distance, and that can mean anywhere from another city in your state to a different state entirely. So how do you get ready? In this stage, we're assuming you don't have a mover picked out yet, but this guide isn't about choosing one. Choosing a long distance mover should be a choice after some amount of in-depth research, but don't worry: we've made that easy! Check out our guide on how to shop for a mover if you need help with that part of the process. Otherwise, let's get to planning your long distance move!

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Long distance moving is a different animal entirely compared to local moving. Because of the distance and the regulation involved in crossing state lines (if you're going to need that service), it's just a more intensive - so be prepared going into it. Long distance moves are generally more logistically complicated, require more time and more planning. The best way to avoid stress? Choose a tenured professional, one with plenty of experience doing just what you need. In moving, like much of life, asking plenty of questions is the key to success! Seasoned professionals, like Bailey's Moving and Storage who handle long distance moves regularly will know about all the potential pitfalls and how to avoid them. So if you have a question, we're happy to answer! Even if you don't choose us, we have a vested interest in making sure your long distance move goes well. And when you're ready, the next step is to get quotes!

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Get a Quote from Long Distance Movers in Utah and Colorado

Some movers will try to quote you over the phone, but we recommend that you avoid it if possible. Because of the many variables that can and will arise during your move, it's really hard to get a good grasp on everything unless you can see it. Imagine trying to guess how many M&Ms are in a bottle just by hearing it described over the phone? That's one of the primary reasons that we recommend having a professional moving estimator come to your home and estimate the amount you'll need to move and the price. It's quick and comes with no obligation to book. However, when you get quotes, make sure to avoid a moving broker. That's our next step below.

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If you're this far in the process, you've already seen how many long distance movers are advertised online and elsewhere. Are they are the same? The answer, is NO. Many of those you'll see advertised are actually "move brokers". These are moving companies that will take your money, and then hire the lowest bidding long distance mover to actually perform the work and pocket the difference. Notice how in this case, you'll get whoever bids lowest, and is that really who you want to move your belongings? The easiest way to tell, is just to ask. When you get a quote, ask the company if they will be performing the actual moving themselves or if they contract out the labor to a different company. If they contract it out, we recommend "moving on". Once you have a quote from a reputable moving company, the next step is to be sure you understand it, so let's move on to the next step to learn more.

Understand Long Distance Movers Pricing in Utah and Colorado

Long-distance moving is, by nature, fully customizable and sometimes a little complicated and so it shouldn't come as a shock that the quotes are the same. You may see a couple of different types of quotes come from different moving companies, and you'll want to know what they mean and how to compare them. To help, here's a list of some of the most common quote types.

  • Non-Binding Quote
  • Total Price Guarantee (Binding)
  • Guaranteed Rate Reduction (Binding)

Each quote has different characteristics, so it's wise to understand the differences before making a decision, so you can compare one to another. If you have any questions, chat with our rep and we'll help you understand what you're looking at.

TPG (Total Price Guarantee)

If you want, we have the option of giving you a binding quote. Using tariff rates shared by all agents of Allied Van Vines (and normally pretty similar to all other major van-lines), we will compile a list of items to be moved and use the tariff rates to compile a bid that is guaranteed. As long as the inventory list doesn't change, or your residences don't change location, we'll guarantee this price for you.


If you want an estimate that isn't guaranteed by the moving company, then this may be the answer for you. Simply put, this quote is a "best estimate" to the price of your move based on the information provided. What you actually get charged, will depend on the actual weight of your shipment and the specific services that are provided at the time of the move.

Guaranteed Rate Reduction

Another binding quote, this format has some distinct differences. Instead of a TPG quote where the price is based on your inventory (what stuff you bring), this quote is based on the weight of the goods you're moving. As such, the moving estimator will use a specialized process to accurately estimate the weight of your shipment before it is loaded (part of the reason you'll want an in-home estimate!). Once this is done, they'll issue you a quote that is binding, unless items are added the inventory later. However, once loaded, we will weight your shipment. If it weighs less, we'll reduce your price. If it weighs more, then you'll still only pay what we quoted you. Not bad!


We actually have a whole page dedicated to understanding this section because it's super important. Check our our moving valuation page for more info.

Remember step number 1? Research is key in making sure you have a good experience. However, we know that the process can be daunting. To make it easier, we have a team of personal move coordinators to make sure that this process, and the whole moving process goes off without a hitch. So if you are ready to get started or even if you already have and just have some questions, fire away!.

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