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Finding the Right Local Mover

Find Local Movers In Utah or Colorado

So you're looking to move locally, so how do you get ready? In this stage, we're assuming you don't have a mover picked out yet. If you need help learning how to shop for a good mover, check out our how to shop for a mover page. If you need any help or want any pricing information, chat with one of our coordinators to get more info.

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A local move is a simple move compared to an interstate or international move, but that doesn't mean you can wing it. Proper planning can save you a ton of headache later on in the process. The first step, is budget. How much does it cost to move? Well, the answer is, it depends! In a local move, most companies will charge hourly, but that rate depends on how many men you need, for how long and if you have any extra stops like an offsite storage unit. There are more variables that could come into play, but those are the most common. However, generally speaking you're probably not going to be able to spend anything less that $750 to get a mover to come out, and even that is pretty small. If you need to fit a budget close to that or less, we would recommend taking a look at our portable storage options that could save you money with a more DIY solution. If DIY doesn't appeal to you though, let's move on to step 2!

Local movers can often quote rates over the phone, but this doesn't normally mean the price is binding, because like we said earlier, most prices are hourly. You'll most likely be charged whatever it takes to move your home to the new home. In most cases however, it's best to have a relocation consultant come out and take a look at your home to help ensure that they're quoting accurately for time. Since Local Movers bill at an hourly rate, a quote given without a good knowledge of the circumstance can potentially be wildly inaccurate.

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With so many local movers advertised, it can be difficult to make a good choice. If you're looking for more information on how to shop for a mover, check out our page on that topic. If you know how to shop for one, the last recommendation we can make is to choose a company that will actually perform the labor and not contract it out to another company. There are a lot of "moving companies" that are actually move brokers. These companies will take your money, and then hire the lowest bidding local mover to actually perform the work and pocket the difference. Notice how in this case, you'll get whoever bids lowest, and is that really who you want to move your belongings? The easiest way to tell, is just to ask. When you get a quote, ask the company if they will be performing the actual moving themselves or if they contract out the labor to a different company. If they contract it out, we recommend "moving on".

Find Local Movers In Utah or Colorado

With moving, it's important to stay informed. An informed decision-making process will help you avoid a potentially painful experience, and instead have a great one. At Bailey's Moving and Storage, we know we can provide that service for you, so if you're ready, give us a call, chat with us or submit a request for quote and we'll get you started on your journey to your new home.

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