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Warehouse Storage

Warehouse storage in Colorado and Utah

Warehouse Storage in Denver Colorado or Salt Lake City Utah

Bailey's Moving and Storage offers many different storage options, and choosing the right one depends on your needs. Read more or chat with an agent to get a quote

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Another service we offer at Bailey’s Moving and Storage is our full-service warehouse storage. We offer storage for your belongings in our climate controlled warehouse. Our professional movers pack your belongings safely into our vaults until you schedule it to be delivered out or accessed locally. This a full service option that can be separate or combined with our moving options and is a great choice if you don't know how long you'll be in storage, or even if you don't know where you'll be when you're ready to deliver! Unlike self-storage, you don't have to come to our warehouse to retrieve your belongings. We can deliver your goods right to your door anywhere in the world. Our warehouse storage is typically packed and maintained by our experienced crew. However, if the portable and movable storage is a more attractive prospect to you, we can do that too! Check our our SMARTBOX portable storage option here.

Our secure storage facilities can offer:

  • Clean, climate-controlled storage facilities
  • Large areas to store over-sized items such as automobiles
  • Blanket wrapping and padding to protect your items
  • Alarmed warehouses and a video-surveillance system
  • Racking for palatalized or over-sized items
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North Salt Lake
Colorado Springs
Grand Junction

What Type of Storage do you need?

Which type of storage do you need? The answer depends on the length. If you plan on storing items with us for 6 months or less, then we'll help you set up short term storage, also known as SIT (Storage in Transit). We'll keep your items well preserved until you need them again.

In certain cases, you may need to store your items with us longer than 6 months, in which case we'll help you acquire long-term storage, also known as permanent storage.

In either case, we take only the best of care of your belongings and keep them stored in a safe environment until you're ready for them.