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Moving Internationally is the most complicated of the moving scenarios, but it's easy to do when you partner with an experienced mover.

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If you are moving at an employer's request, verify what expenses and responsibilities your employer will cover and any volume allowance that is provided for your shipment.If you will need some items immediately, determine what needs sent by air-freight pending the arrival of the main shipment. If you are moving to a new country on a temporary basis, consider what items you might store locally. If you have excess or unwanted items in your attic, basement, garage, or storage unit, consider what you would like to move or what can be sold or donated. If you are moving to a new country with different electrical requirements, determine what appliances you will ship or purchase upon reaching your destination.

Check if there are restrictions or limitations on importing certain appliances, and understand that electrical services and broadcasting systems vary – for example, confirm that your TV will be usable in your new country. If you have motor vehicles or motorcycles, decide if it is most practical to ship, use local transit, or purchase a vehicle in your new country. In any case, we're here to answer any questions you may have, so if you aren't sure on something, just ask us!

  A Good Moving Company Leverages Their Experience To Help You Plan. You Don't Have To Do It Alone