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5 Common Moving Questions People Ask About Moving with a Moving Company

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If you haven’t moved recently and you decide to talk to a moving company, you’ll probably have a few questions. When I walk into the home of a customer to help them get the next steps ready, I hear many of the same questions over. Hopefully, reading through this can answer some of them for you. See More

by Morgan Deering, about 2 months ago

5 Common Moving Questions
Avoid a Moving Scam

How To Avoid a Moving Scam

Moving TipsMoving Prep

Moving scams can be hard to spot. Buying a move is a customized process, not a fast food menu, and scammers count on it being a service you may not be familiar with. The more you know, the better prepared you can be. Especially as more people use the internet to research moving services, flashy webpages can make bad movers appear to be trustworthy. You can avoid being the next victim of a bad mover by learning the tricks that these types of companies will likely use. See More

by Jake B, 5 months ago

Moving With Kids: Helping Kids Adjust Through a Move

Moving TipsMoving with Kids

Moving can be stressful to the whole family. Leaving the home they’ve known with all their belongings can be concerning to kids. By helping them understand what is happening and why, you might be able to alleviate some of their concerns. These are some tips for moving and how to help your child cope with moving. See More

by Judy B, 6 months ago

Moving With Kids
Selling your home

Tips For Selling Your Home Safely During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Home SalesCOVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has brought much of the country to a screeching halt. But, just because people are stuck at home doesn’t mean your home sale has to come to a screeching halt, too. You can sell your home in the midst of this challenging time—as long as you’re safe. See More

by Timothy Byers, 6 months ago

Your Guide to Tipping Movers

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One of the most common predicaments for millions of people moving is whether to tip movers and how much they need to tip them. We all know that tipping regardless of the service you are given can be an awkward experience. However, a tip is always appreciated, and it's a nice way it's a nice way to say thank you . See More

by ShippingSideKick.com, 6 months ago

Tip your moving company
Office Mover Plan

What’s the plan for your office move?

Office MovingMoving Plan

Planning for an office move takes some time and coordination of your employees to be successful. It's important to set up a detailed moving plan early, inform your employees of the upcoming transition and get everyone on board with a meeting. See More

by Judy B, 6 months ago

Local Mover vs Global Van Line

Local MovingVan Line

Professional moving companies can be set up differently, and it’s important to know what it means when a local mover like Bailey’s Moving & Storage says that it’s an agent of a Van Line. Some might say that it’s a bad thing, but it’s just the opposite. See More

by Judy B, 7 months ago

Local mover vs global van line
Have an amazing move

How to Have an Amazing Move

Local MovingPacking

You are Moving! We know how exciting and stressful it is to move no matter if you move yourself or have a professional moving company move you, and we want your move to be amazing. Here are some tips to get you started in your planning for the big day. See More

by Judy B, 8 months ago

Bailey's Moving & Storage celebrates 65 years in business

Press Release

Read our announcement about celebrating 65 years in business. Since 1952, we've been providing moving and storage solutions for families and business throughout Utah, Colorado and the world. See More

by Jared B, almost 4 years ago

local mover celebrates 65 years in business