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Same State Moves, also called In-state or intrastate moves are a move in between a local and interstate move. They're more complex than a simple local move, so there's a few things to consider.

Intrastate Mover DIY
Many people who want to move inside the same state will be tempted to think that DIY is cheaper. Here's the shocking truth though, it's not usually cheaper. When you factor in your time, your effort and all the hidden fees that you'll pay for materials, fuel, friends replacement of items or property you or your friends damage (and the list goes on), it is not uncommon for the price tag to be well above using a reputable professional mover for a local move.

Here's the reason why: Professional Movers have spent years and years perfecting their craft. They move faster, come prepared with all the right tools and can prevent problems before they occur. That's what experience provides. If you've ever moved yourself in a rented truck or storage pod, you know exactly what we're talking about.

  DIY is a hard, grueling experience that often will cost you the same or more than hiring a professional due to inexperience