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Why choose Bailey's Moving & Storage?

Queue the lights show, let's tell you why we think we're the best because we have passion for this industry.

Starting in 1952, we've been moving people's homes for over 60 years. That's no small feat when you think about all of the businesses in our industry and others that have come and gone in that same time. And yet, not us. Bailey's Moving & Storage is proudly continuing to provide a high-quality service to people who have to move their entire lives from one place to another. It's not an easy thing, moving. It's stressful and can be down right complicated if you aren't practiced in it. And yet, that's where our passion comes from: moving people's lives. So when you choose Bailey's, you know you're going to get a company that really cares about you and your home just like it were our own. We'll give you the tips and tricks we tell our friends, we'll treat you like you're part of the family and we'll give you the type of service you'd give your family.

What we are

We are an moving industry leader in Utah and Colorado and a long-standing interstate agent for Allied Van Lines. We can provide more services than most moving companies at a higher quality. This comes from our experience in both our moving crews and our management. Our management tenure averages over 10 years per person! So compared to others, we have a proven track record to get you what you want, when you want.

What we're not

We're not a perfect fit for everyone. We think it's important to be honest with our customers! We know that if you're moving, whether it be local moving, long distance moving or DIY moving, we can help. If you just need someone to move that one heavy item around your house - we're not that kind of mover. We're in the business of moving peoples homes from one place to another, not matter how far and even in small quantities. We will also admit that sometimes, problems occur in the course of our service, because we're not perfect - we're human. However, we know that if a problem arises, you'll get our full attention in making it right. We think that reliable service (and when an occasional problem arises address and fix it immediately) is the right way to do business.

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What our customers say

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As a customer of Bailey's Moving & Storage, you'll get reliable service time after time. In the moving industry, that's hard to do which is why we're an industry leader.


Moving is an inherently personal service, so we like to keep it that way. You'll deal with people who care about moving your home like it was their own.


We strive to get the job done right. Every Time. but even if we fall short, you can count on a personal, trustworthy service that does what it takes to make it right.