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Portable Storage with SMARTBOX moving and storage

Bailey's Moving & Storage is proud to offer SMARTBOX portable storage! Our perfectly sized storage containers and convenient delivery service make SMARTBOX ideal for almost any type of business or home storage need. Consider SMARTBOX the next time you need to temporarily store things whether personally or for your business. SMARTBOX is the perfect solution for any temporary storage problem. If you are selling your house, a Smartbox portable storage container is ideal for storing items during the listing process. Whether you need to clean out your garage to get your car back where it was intended, or need temporary storage during a renovation, SMARTBOX is the perfect solution to easily de-clutter your home.

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Thinking outside of the box is our specialty, so let us help you find the best solution for your personal or business storage needs. In our experience, any storage problem can be solved with a Smartbox.

  • Remodeling or Renovation Projects
  • Retail Seasonal Storage of Merchandise or Fixtures
  • Temporary Storage for Events like Fun Runs, Festivals and Community Yard Sales
  • Summer Storage for College Students
  • DIY Local Moves
  • DIY Interstate Moves
  • Storage During the Home Sale and Staging Process
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Portable Storage in Denver and Salt Lake City


Our units are 8 feet long by 7 feet tall by five feet wide (8’x7’x5’) and can hold up to 3,000 lbs. Remember, you only pay for the space you use. To see how many you need, see our Storage Estimator

Are you tired of parking your car in your driveway? Have you forgotten that you actually own a walk-in closet? Do you need more space to help control office clutter? Chances are, if you answered yes to any of these questions, you are looking for ways to regain more space for your home or business. The good news is, SMARTBOX provides convenient, portable storage, all at a price you can afford. With our space saving solutions, you can pull your car back into your garage, you can see your closet floor again, and you can gain control of office clutter and let your business continue to grow and thrive. SMARTBOX can help with all of your storage needs!

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Portable Storage is Great for Local and Long Distance Moving

Moving with SMARTBOX is as easy as finding how many boxes you need and telling us how far you need to go. We make it easy by letting you choose the dates, load the boxes, and then let us do the hauling. If you don’t have as enough to want to move with a conventional moving company, or are just looking to cut costs a bit, SMARTBOX is a great fit for you! We offer flexibility on dates and work with you to understand our process to ensure you have the best move for you.

*If you are looking for a more full-service move, check out our more premium services offered in our main Bailey’s line.

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In today’s society, there are many portable options of storage to choose from, but there is only one SMARTBOX. Many will advertise that their storage options are the smartest choice, but no other method of mobile storage on the market today has the word “SMART” within their brand name. Like our title, we are set apart from other storage providers because we truly know what it takes to provide SMARTER storage options.

SMARTBOX containers, or “Smartboxes” as we like to refer to them as, are not your traditional storage unit, nor are they your typical portable storage unit. With most traditional storage units, you do not have the ability to allow the contents of your unit to breathe. Without any venting or room for air, you expose your belongings to potential mold and stale odors. Aluminum steel based storage, like the kind offered by PODS®, does not allow air to enter into the storage unit. Additionally, aluminum based storage units often give way to rust when exposed to wet weather conditions, but the non-steel structure of the SMARTBOX container provides rust free, weather proofing coverage, offering smarter storage protection.

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